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I might make a little something for everyone who buys me a coffee.

I'm going to work on convincing my parents to get me a PayPal now :v
Don't use sticks as toys for your dog.

My dog just broke a fricking tooth while doing that and now she's drooling blood all over the place.
When is that new Invader Zim movie airing or have I missed it?

If I missed it then where can I find it??

Also expect drawings of Navi (formerly named "Nami") soon :v
I will be here for a while and be trying to get followers so I can do asks and practice my arts :v

Guys if you have a Tumblr and enjoy BATIM and my arts please follow this blog because I won't be here on dA as often.
I'm going to split away from dA a little and post on Tumblr more often, so follow me on all three of my blogs for more arts :v… - Main blog… - Ask account for my OC, Smol and all his AU counterparts - Ask/RP account for my Bendy headcanon

I'll take 5000-10000 treasure on FR or 100 :points: here on dA for her.

I need to clear up a slot for a new batch of hatchlings i'm gonna hatch in a few days :U

Here's her FR page:…… - Main blog… - Ask account for my OC, Smol and all his AU counterparts - Ask/RP account for my Bendy headcanon

Sorry I just know that most of you don't know I have Tumblr
Going to open up asks for my OCs.

Everyone who already know my OCs can go ahead and ask. This would be great practice for me with posing/expressions
So there's another storm coming tomorrow but it's going to be twice as worse as the one yesterday....

I might die tomorrow idk. Or lose my home.

It's just that we're gonna have nearly 70 mile an hour winds or more tomorrow and a high risk of tornadoes.
Literally just copied and pasted :iconrainbowdragon14: 's journal

> The first seven (or ten) people who comment on this journal with a reference of what they want will receive a free sketch from me.
- In return they will have to offer seven (or ten) free sketches in a journal too!
- You MUST be a watcher.

Doing this because I have to. "PIO" stands for "Pass it on" btw.







So there's a really bad storm headed my way and there's an 80% chance of tornadoes.

Guys I might die today
Height: 4 feet 3 inches
Age: Idk, like 35 human years? But in cartoon years about 18-25.
Personality: Hyper, but not super hyper. It's best to keep him away from sugar. He's also somewhat shy but will readily accept a new friend. Slow to anger, but when he gets angry he turns goopy and it would be best to stay out of his way until he calms down. He possibly has ADD, no one has really tested him for it though.

Fun Facts: He can live for a few hours without being in contact with or drinking ink, but the longer he is without it the more goopy he gets until he literally just melts away into a puddle of ink. He can also get drunk off of some expensive kinds of ink.
Post my headcanon for Bendy eventually. I'm not ready yet
if you owe me art tell me here
If you have a Wattpad or a Skype

Add me

So I can roleplay

Please I'm desperately bored

And lonely
My computer may have committed suicide today.

I was trying to watch a video but as soon as I went full screen my computer just....

Stopped. Completely.

So I restarted it and the same thing happened again. So I closed out of all the other tabs(I set Chrome so it would start up where I left off, meaning all 12 of my tabs were still open) and watched the video without problem.

But when I tried to watch another one my computer froze again. So I closed out of Chrome and tried to get into my Settings so I could schedule a boot scan.

No dice. I had to press the power button on my computer to shut it down because it obviously wasn't going to load.

My dad is probably going to kill me now.
You're walking around the forest when you see a cave, and decide to walk into it. You hadn't walked far in until you realized you were being followed. You look back and see vines quickly twisting out of view in the cave opening. What do you do?
So I was playing with my old dog and then my new dog came up and flat out attacked her right in front of everyone and now we might have to put our new dog down because of it because we don't know if she'll attack US or kill the other dog
They're all 20 :points:

I will only do headshots.

You can request a solid colored background or just choose to leave it white. Either way that adds no extra charge. Neither does shading.